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Residential Construction In Campbell

Residential construction in Campbell is comprised mostly of wooden framed construction. Here is most common steps in the process for construction on a single family home.

Planning, Testing, Estimates, and Approval

The first step in new construction for a single family home in Los Angeles begins with procuring an engineered soil test of the lot. After these test come back, we can begin developing floor plans for the new building, and start to build a list of materials. This is when we can start coming up with accurate estimates of how much the total cost will come out to.

The soil test that was previously taken will now be used by our engineer to help come up with floor plans and an overall design for the foundation of the home. During this time, we also begin to work on getting a lot survey underway as well as getting all of the government, Homeowners Association, and Architectural Review Committee regulations and approvals handled as required.

Campbell Lot Preparation

If there is an existing building, now is the time to being demolition of the existing home, and also to clear out the rest of the building site of any other debris. Then we can survey to stake out the foundation, and begin digging the footers for the foundation. These will be according to the plans made earlier by our engineer.

The Foundation And Framing of Campbell Homes

Before pouring the foundation, we will install the plumbing grounds. Then pour the concrete into the foundation. After this we can being framing. This begins with building the main load-bearing structure from thick wood and/or metal beams for support.
Then, floor and ceiling joists and sub-floor panels are installed.

Walls And Roofing in Campbell

After the framing of home is complete, we begin covering the walls and roof in plywood and a waterproof covering. Once the roof is waterproofed, we add on the shingles, tile, metal, etc. that you want installed on your roof. Flat roofing services are also available.

The outer walls can then also be covered in your chosen material. Common materials for this include vinyl, wood, brick, or stone. Other materials are also available upon request.

Campbell Window Installation

Once the walls and roof are up and covered, we can install the windows into the home. We do this while we are framing the interior walls with 2x4s.

Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, And Gas in Campbell

After all of this is complete, we begin installing all of the basic utilities for the home. This is when the plumbing, air-conditioning, heater, electrical, and gas are all installed in your new home. These all get inspected by a building inspector to approve of the utilities and framing of the building.

Walls, Ceiling, and Insulation

Once all of these utilities and framing is approved of, we finish off the interior walls with insulation and drywall and cement-board throughout the Campbell home.

Bathroom and Kitchen

We can then begin installing the Campbell bathroom fixtures – tub, shower, toilet, sink, cabinets, etc. And the same for the kitchen – installing the kitchen cabinets, island, counters, sink, appliances such as oven, fridge, and dishwasher.

Interior Painting, Spackling, Tiling, Flooring

Finally the interior walls and ceiling are spackeled, primed, and painted, the flooring is completed (wood, tile, vinyl, etc.).

Additional Installations in Campbell

Finally we will install any special features you may like on your new single family home. This can include pool installation or repairs, solar panel install, or just about anything else you could think of.




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